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Here Kitty Kitty...
I’m a firm believer in keeping pets groomed.  My furry felines even go to the vet to have their teeth cleaned.  And they all get brushed and combed once a week...whether they want to or not!
I usually groom them one after another, in no special order, just whichever one I can grab first.  Well, this particular day, I had finished three of my cats and was down to the last one, Jingles.  Usually she was very good and didn’t give me any trouble, but for some reason, she decided she didn’t want to be brushed that day.
Under the bed she went; under the bed I went after her.  Jingles went left...I went left.  Jingles went right...I went right.  I was just as determined to catch her as she was to escape!  However, with all the blankets and other stuff (junk) I had under the bed I quickly lost sight of her. Suddenly I heard, “Meow...meow.”  I backed out from under the bed and there was Jingles sitting on top of the bed looking down at me triumphantly. 
Well, let me just say the look didn’t last long because I grabbed her and brushed that smile right off her furry lips!
Bathroom nights
Have I mentioned my cat MacIver’s condition before?  He’s a mutterer.  I’m not sure if it’s his breed, mostly Maine Coon, or just  his personality.  It’s not contagious, I know, because I have three other cats that don’t mutter!
Anyway, since I had to get up early for work and knowing MacIver always started his evening serenade around midnight; I put him in the bathroom before I went to bed.  My only bathroom.
Guess what?  The next morning I couldn’t open the bathroom door!  It was locked...locked...locked...locked!  MacIver had somehow locked the door from the inside when he pawed at the doorknob. 
For lack of anything intelligent to say, I stood there hollering, “MACIVER, open this door!”  Plus a few choice expletives.  For once, MacIver was speechless. 
Thinking fast (I had to think fast...I had to go!) I grabbed a screwdriver and finally got the door open.  Luckily for MacIver it was just in the nick of time.  That was the last time MacIver ever ended up in the bathroom. 
At least while I only had one!
Mumsy (mum’zee) n. (female cartoon character)
1.  wacky commentator on the lighter side of life  2. homespun humor, positive and uplifting  3. focusing
on our frequently funny humanity 4.Happy-Go-Lucky
Mumsy (mum’zee) v. (pulling a Mumsy)
1. to pull a Mumsy  2. doing or saying humorous things  3. enjoying life and laughing at yourself 
4. promoting self-acceptance through laughter 

MUMSY defined
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Cat covers
Once upon a time I had four cats. Three girls: PJ, Samie and Jingles and a boy named MacIver.  Mostly strays I’ve rescued.
Of course, they are all spoiled rotten. You should see my kitchen cabinets; I think I have more cat food than anything else.  I’ve even been known to spend more time reading labels on their cat food then on the stuff I eat.   Also, my cats are all ‘inside’ cats, so they never go outside and get dirty or anything.  They are just spoiled, pampered and have the run of the house.  Sounds just like a cat.
So, when it’s time to go to bed of course, the cats are welcome to sleep anywhere on the bed.  Usually, I like to sleep on my stomach. One night, however, I woke up panting and realized I could hardly breathe.  I was sweating too and thought to myself, “Gee, it sure is hot in here.”  Still groggy, I realized all four of cats were sound asleep on top of my back and legs.  It’s a wonder I didn’t suffocate.
Gosh, if I could train my cats to do that in the winter I would save on my heating bills!

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