Charmingly tacky,
slightly dignified,
uncontrollably witty,
usually sophisticated,
classy in a pinch and 
she’s perfect for parties!

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Eleanor…the Queen of One-liners...is the perfect party entertainment
She arrives on time, won’t eat all the hors d’oeuvres, & leaves everyone wanting more!

Eleanor laughs, chews gum and adjusts her girdle all at the same time. 
Her home-spun humor charms even the hardest boiled eggs. 
Hilariously amusing, Eleanor offers somewhat sensible advice, 
stocking tips and decadent fudge brownie recipes.  
Always delightful, Eleanor’s witty avant-garde sense of humor is definitely a 

Eleanor’s style isn’t like other entertainers.
 She doesn’t babble through a rehearsed routine. 
So how does Eleanor give everyone a party they won't forget?

Eleanor’s strategy is simple:
• Personal Eleanor Experience: Talk about interactive comedy, Eleanor mingles!                          Entertaining each guest with her hilarious avant-garde sense of humor, assuring     everyone at your party will have an exceptionally good time. 
No stage time: She has a brief introductory routine (optional), making Eleanor the ideal               complement to other forms of entertainment, such as a band or DJ, etc. 
Personalized parties: Allow Eleanor to be the Hostess-with-the-Mostess or the Master of            Ceremonies. Plus she’ll encourage game playing or sing-a-longs. They can't say no!

Because she takes humor seriously, Eleanor is the best party entertainment money can buy! 

*Extremely affordable laughs-per-guest Eleanor’s a-la-carte menu of party rates include:
50% deposit with signed contract holds your date
 (ask about rates for special events)

*Additional ‘personalized party’ rates:
Eleanor as Hostess with the Most-est 
Eleanor as Master of Ceremonies
Eleanor as game facilitator (your games or Eleanor’s)
Eleanor sing-a-longs

\\\\  Special rates for outdoor events and nightclub featured events.  ///// 

* Rates subject to change.  

Imagine laughter they’ll remember for years. . . Eleanor's social calendar is filling up!
Call to book Eleanor for your next corporate office party, soiree, holiday party, 
boss’ birthday, retirement roast or any special occasion/event.


Character comedian Bobbi G has emceed The Comedy Zone along with numerous talent shows and fund raisers. Plus she teaches Comedy Classes and is author of coffee table humor book, “It’s not broken, it’s just cracked!” which introduced her cartoon character Mumsy. She's also been a weekly humor/motivational columnist for the last six years. And if she wasn't busy enough, she's a humorist/motivational speaker and in her extra time an artist/cartoonist. Plus she always keeps 

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